On Ana Cano

Much of Ana Cano’s discussion after her performance in the Ethnic Cultural Theater aligned with what we have discussed throughout the course, in that she embodies feminist methodologies and explores alternative futures in music. Because her music illuminates issues that provoke positive and negative responses, her music and identity are forms of protest, much like other music in the pop protest moment. This protest serves to challenge social conventions and expose all forms of oppression. By acknowledging her heritage and addressing colonial erasures, her work then helps to change the modern perception of Ecuadorian/Latin American histories. Bringing these forgotten histories to the forefront allows for more populations to work collaboratively and move forward in a way that is respectful, innovative, and meaningful. As a result, her discussion of identity was helpful in gaining clarity about forming new relationships with music and feminism. In redefining genres and stereotypes, Ana Cano shows that influence can come in many forms, and that sharing these stories is crucial in dismantling the oppressive behaviors that have been normalized in music and society.


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